The best technology for
optimising fleet performance

The best technology for optimising fleet performance

Insight-driven decision making

We use cutting-edge technology to extract relevant data from vehicles. Geotab hardware and SafeDrivePod technology form the foundation of our telematics solutions. With built-in OEM telematics hardware, you can generate and consolidate data from your vehicles on our Moove platform. With integrated applications such as the MooveDriver App and Moove Fleet Inventory portal, you can implement targeted measures to increase sustainability, economic growth, and your drivers’ well-being.

Telematics hardware

Geotab Go

Our partner, Geotab, is the worldwide market leader in telematics solutions. The Geotab GO is a dongle modem that can be installed quickly and easily in order to follow your vehicles with precision. With over 400 data points, this technology offers countless ways to extract data on driver behaviour and vehicle performance. The Geotab GO also features advanced functions, such as the availability of extendable IOX solutions, extensive vehicle support and broad EV compatibility.  

OEM telematics hardware

Telematics hardware is becoming increasingly common as a built-in feature in new vehicles. The technology no longer needs to be installed manually. Vehicles with OEM telematics hardware can be directly linked to the Moove data platform. OEM data can be viewed in one comprehensive dashboard and seamlessly integrated with other data sources such as Geotab and SafeDrivePod. Perfect for when you’re responsible for a large, international fleet with different vehicle makes and wish to gain insight into overall performance metrics.


In addition to the advanced Geotab technology, we use the SafeDrivePod. The pod measures driving movements without GPS and is responsible for data processing. The technology also ensures that mobile phone access is blocked while driving to reduce the risk of accidents. The pod does not need to be operated manually; everything is fully automated after an initial one-time configuration. The pod battery lasts more than 250,000 km. It’s the perfect way to increase driver safety.

Moove Platform

Data sets from all connected vehicles are bundled into one simple platform, regardless of the type of hardware used. We connect with built-in OEM telematics hardware, Geotab hardware and SafeDrivePod. As a result, Moove’s fleet telematics solutions are hardware-independent, making the system highly flexible and scalable. Customised dashboards provide in-depth insight into every aspect of your fleet, fully geared towards your situation, challenges and goals. We also actively help you decide what data is most relevant for making informed decisions. 

Moove Applications

MooveDriver App

We have developed several applications within the Moove platform to provide additional driver and fleet manager support. The MooveDriver App, for example, offers drivers clear insight into their driving behaviour. The data is translated into a unique driver score, and drivers are presented with practical tips on how to improve their driving behaviour and then sustain those improvements. As a fleet manager, you can compare individual driver scores and link best practices to desirable driving behaviour. Adding a game element to score achievements makes working with the app more enjoyable for drivers.

Moove Fleet Inventory

The Moove Fleet Inventory portal is developed specifically for fleet managers. This application allows you to monitor and manage your incoming and active fleet more effectively. Using your own personal and customised fleet inventory parameters, you can add and activate an unlimited number of vehicles on the Moove platform. This makes the application particularly valuable for managing ESG Reporting and the upcoming EU Taxonomy Regulation for vehicles.

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