Connected telematics has the future

MMoove uses the Geotab hardware to gain insights into fleet performance. The data obtained form the basis on which fleet managers and other stakeholders make decisions to achieve desired behavioral change. Today, this data is still mostly transmitted via hardware that must be built in separately. A future in which all new vehicles are equipped with telematics hardware that is easy to connect opens up many more possibilities.

Telematics factory installed

IIn 2021, telematics hardware was built into 50% of newly produced cars worldwide. This is expected to be about 95% by 2030. With that, it is becoming increasingly common to access data directly from the hardware of the car itself. To be “connected,” you no longer need the Geotab hardware in that case. Which also means that you don’t have to put the technology in, nor does the car come to a standstill for installation. It’s just a matter of looking up the chassis number and connecting the telematics hardware to connect the car to the Geotab data platform.

The big advantage of Geotab’s OEM data platform is that you have visibility into the performance of the entire fleet, regardless of make or model. All usage data is transmitted from the factory-installed telematics hardware to Geotab’s platform, allowing you to manage your fleet from a single dashboard. So there is no need to log in to individual brands. Pretty efficient when you’re managing a global fleet of tens of thousands of cars. In addition, it is a cheaper solution since you have no installation costs.

Unlocking the potential of integrated telematics

‘OEM connected telematics allows you to connect a fleet of tens of thousands of cars within weeks’

TThe rapid growth of OEM connected telematics gives the definition of fleet management a whole new meaning. Without built-in factory hardware, it takes about six months to implement Geotab technology in a fleet of 10,000 cars. With OEM connected telematics built in from the factory, you can connect a fleet of that size in just a few weeks. And are connected to all your vehicles through one platform, regardless of make and type. So it will be a few more years before all cars have integrated telematics hardware, but at least the trend is irreversible.

Moove leads the way

We connect with built-in OEM telematics hardware and Geotab hardware. But also, for example, with hardware to support safer driving, such as SafeDrivePod. The data from all connected vehicles come together in one clear platform, regardless of the type of hardware linked. Moove’s fleet telematics solution is thus hardware independent, making it a flexible, future-proof solution. For now and in the future!

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