Working together toward improved traffic safety

We like to work with partners that add value to traffic safety. Our collaboration with SafeDrivePod is an excellent example. We asked co-founder Erik Damen how he sees his partnership with Moove and the way we work together. He also offers insight into the most important trends and developments in the market.

Telematics as the common denominator

Moove and SafeDrivePod both use technology to collect data on road user behavior. The main difference is that Moove uses GPS data as part of its telematics solutions. SafeDrivePod does not collect GPS data. “At SafeDrivePod, we don’t think in terms of maps, but trips,” Erik Damen explains. “Where that trip takes place isn’t relevant to us. We want to know how hard you brake and accelerate and how fast you take bends in the road. For European customers in particular, the fact that they don’t have to share their GPS data and give up some of their privacy with it is an interesting proposition; it’s an important USP of our business. Insurance agencies in the Netherlands also certainly appreciate this. This gives us a slightly different edge.”

This difference in approach was the basis for Moove’s partnership with SafeDrivePod. When customers are reluctant to collect data through Geotab for privacy reasons, SafeDrivePod’s telematics solutions offer an excellent alternative. The main benefit is that data collected from SafeDrivePod applications can seamlessly integrate into the Geotab database. With the right customization, the possibilities are endless for combining user data.

Shared marketing through combined solutions

“Moove and SafeDrivePod work together to optimize traffic safety for everyone.” – Erik Damen Co-Founder SafeDrivePod-

In practice, this means that Moove takes SafeDrivePod products with them in consultations with the customer. That is how SafeDrivePod’s products find their way to the fleets. At the same time, Moove can offer different products to their customers thanks to SafeDrivePod’s unique applications. SafeDriveFocus, for instance, helps road users to lock their mobile phones while driving. This limits damage on the road and significantly improves traffic safety. “During our conversations with Moove, we discovered that it was in their interests to be able to offer another product in addition to Geotab in a different price range and with different functionalities,” Erik Damen says. “Together, we can work even more effectively toward improving traffic safety.”

Focus on new markets

Erik Damen is very optimistic about SafeDrivePod’s partnership with Moove, firstly because they can reach a broader customer base for their products through Moove’s network. It also heightens the business’ focus. “In the period that we were developing our telematics products, we also discovered that insurance companies could make an interesting target group,” Erik Damen explains. “Our partnership with Moove allows us to increase our focus in that direction. We will focus on the fleet market together with Moove, whereby they effectively become our product resellers. An important development we can work on is the compulsory measuring of various types of mobility data, such as theCO2 emissions per kilometer. Measuring fuel consumption is already possible using current technologies, but with our combined connected telematics solutions, every business can fully meet legal reporting requirements.”

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