‘Data is crucial for the electrification of our fleet’

Every day, about 1,300 project managers, planners and technicians at Hoppenbrouwers Techniek, one of the largest players in the Dutch technical installation services field, take to the road. As of three years ago, most of their vehicles have been equipped with built-in Moove technology. Fleet Manager Michiel Westdorp tells us about the essential role data plays in the electrification of their fleet and how data helps engage employees in their goal of moving towards a sustainable future.

Taking matters into your own hands

Most fleets in the Netherlands are similarly structured: commercial vehicles and passenger cars are often leased. Some businesses manage their own grey fleet, but most companies generally see their fleet as an expense that needs to be handled as efficiently as possible. Hoppenbrouwers shares this view, but their approach differs; they purchase and manage their own fleet. They buy and sell their vehicles directly through car companies and manage their own vehicle damage and repairs. Because they own all their vehicles, they can quickly assign cars to new employees or easily transfer telematics hardware from one vehicle to another. This flexibility is also advantageous when it comes to making the transition to a fully electrified fleet.

Hoppenbrouwers is working hard towards creating a sustainable fleet to support its ambitions for growth. “Several years ago, we decided to discuss our fleet options with the company’s owner,” Michiel says. “We were already working towards increased sustainability. So when we discovered that suitable electric vehicles were available, we stopped purchasing diesel and petrol vehicles from that moment onwards. That means that we’ve been exclusively purchasing EVs since February 2021. Our ultimate goal is having a fully electric fleet by 2030. Today, a quarter of our fleet is EVs.”

Data helps optimal EV selection

Data is crucial for a successful transition to an electric fleet. Data helps fleet managers select the EV that matches each employee’s activities and needs. Fleet management at Hoppenbrouwers determines which electric car is supplied to employees who require a company vehicle. Determining factors include the range, charging opportunities on the road, and the total cost of ownership.

“Moove really helps us make the right decisions,” Michiel explains. “Their data not only supports us in communicating our story, but ensures that colleagues are well-prepared when discussing vehicle assignments with employees. The more concrete data you can provide to show that the company will assign a vehicle with the latest technology that allows you to optimally carry out your work, the greater the chance employees will support our approach. For example, technicians often prefer a diesel vehicle because they spend a lot of time on the road. We can easily determine whether their request is justified based on their mileage. The data also reveals that some employees are often on the road but don’t charge their vehicles as frequently as they should. When you get home at the end of the day with just 22% capacity, that’s not particularly helpful when you need to head out on the road again the next day. Those are issues where we can easily hold employees to account and help them on their way.”

Data for further optimisation of fleet performance

The data not only helps shape Hoppenbrouwer’s electric fleet; the technology also helps optimise vehicle performance. “We closely monitor the mileage on each vehicle,” Michael says, “as well as how often they stand still, leave the engine idling, and how long they remain at garages. For instance, we receive an alert when a vehicle has been parked in the same spot for 72 hours. We can then check with the garage work floor and keep them up to speed.”

“Through data, we aim to use all our vehicles as efficiently as possible. Ideally, we’d like vehicles to be on the road as often as possible, be constantly in use, and have little downtime. Based on those criteria, you can determine which areas of your fleet function most efficiently. And with those details, you can make targeted decisions about further streamlining your fleet. Every day, we work towards getting the most out of everything the Moove system offers.”

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