Moove expands to the APAC region

Moove has recently developed a partner network with the Global Alliance to provide businesses worldwide with telematics solutions. The Australian technology company Beyond Clarity is also part of this alliance. As a Geotab supplier and implementation partner, they are active in the APAC region, specifically Australia and New Zealand. We asked Michael Carter, Beyond Clarity’s CEO, about their partnership with Moove. We also discussed the latest mobility trends and the challenges facing vehicle electrification in Australia today. 

Consistent service worldwide

The partnership with Beyond Clarity fits in with Moove’s ambition to offer the same level of service and telematics solutions worldwide through the Global Alliance. Michael Carter, who has been active in the driver monitoring and telematics field for many years, is looking forward to the opportunities this new partnership will bring. “When we look at the Geotab product, we focus on companies that want to electrify their fleets, particularly because Geotab has unique features that other providers don’t. We have no competitors in that respect. So we can talk to fleet owners about the electrification of their fleet, and we also have Geotab as the perfect solution to implement this efficiently and economically.”

Adding true value with a unique product

Beyond Clarity is currently carrying out a pilot project in New Zealand. In partnership with Moove, they have equipped 65 vehicles with Geotab telematics hardware. For Michael Carter, it is interesting to see how the customer process can be further streamlined and how they can best deal with the challenges the local market brings. “The biggest challenge is implementing the vehicle technology within a manageable time frame. Businesses depend on vehicle availability for their operations, so efficient scheduling is essential.

Careful, efficient implementation is critical to provide our customers’ fleets with a product that works effectively. However, Michael Carter stresses that clear communication regarding the possibilities that the Geotab software offers customers is essential for them to get the most out of their data. “In addition to general training for everyone involved within the organisation, we often provide extra training within each department to further explain how Geotab can meet their needs. We also offer them insight into possibilities they may not have seen themselves. The product is one thing, but delivering added value through data and insights is what this is ultimately all about.”

Telematics as the determining factor for fleet electrification

Vehicle electrification is undeniably becoming a worldwide trend. Still, there are significant differences in the speed at which countries are embracing the idea of electric vehicles (EVs). Geographical and infrastructural factors often determine this development. Michael Carter explains that this is also the biggest challenge for Australia and New Zealand. “Charging is still a problem here, although there are some longer routes you can cover if you use all the charging stations. The coastline is covered, but when you go further inland, there’s nothing there. Charging stations are being added in dribs and drabs, but it’s not nearly enough to provide energy for every electric vehicle if this transition continues. Moreover, we are facing enormous challenges with the provision of energy. Blackouts are a regular occurrence because of the difficulties in transferring power to other networks and alternative forms of energy.

“Telematics solutions help deal with the challenges facing electrification.” – Michael Carter Director at Beyond Clarity

Nonetheless, he is very optimistic about the transition to electric vehicles. “These challenges make the transition more difficult, but at the same time, smart telematics solutions can ensure that the transition goes more smoothly. Geotab gives fleet managers insight into all the parameters around charging. How much energy do I need to keep my fleet operational? Where can I charge, what are the best times for charging my vehicles, and so on. I expect that we will be heading in that direction quite quickly. For instance, we see how large listed companies are moving their fleets with a couple of thousand vehicles in that direction because they realise how long the electrification process will take, and they still want value for their old assets.”

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