Security and Privacy

Moove’s systems are among the most secure on the market. We are continuously improving our processes and security in order to provide even better protection of our clients’ and partners’ data. In doing so, we cooperate closely with our specialised partner: Geotab. The technology we use is highly advanced and secure. There's a reason that the NYPD and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security rely on the very same technology we do.

Complete Control

Our systems are designed to ensure you retain complete control of your own data. You can also enter personally identifiable information, such as driver-related details. We do everything we can to safeguard the privacy of this data, and as a result are constantly implementing new technical and organisational measures. In addition, we ourselves have only limited and controlled access to your personal data. We view the information only when you are in need of our support.

Protection and Availability

Together with our partner Geotab, we are constantly working to realise a healthy balance between protection and availability. Our goal is for you to have easy access to your valuable data at all times, while on the other end, that data is protected to the utmost extent possible. This is why all data is stored securely in a server park in Belgium.