Fleet Management

Sound fleet management is a requirement for any organisation. After all, your vehicle fleet is often one of your largest cost items. By managing your fleet intelligently, it’s possible to realise significant savings. You can greatly reduce the costs of maintenance and fuel and plan more efficiently, thanks to Track & Trace.

With Moove, you decide for yourself which areas to improve and what your ambitions are in that regard. We supply the information and provide – at your request – tailored advice, an action plan and the start-to-finish implementation of the project. We will work with you to establish the targets to be met.

For instance: you could choose to focus on your total cost of mobility, your corporate social responsibility goals or the safety and well-being of your employees. We would be happy to show you successful business cases for inspiration in drawing up your own objectives.

Whether you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, eliminate fuel fraud or improve the well-being of your drivers, we offer insight and assistance in attaining your goals. In doing so, we rely on data concerning:

    1. Total engine management (actual data, not a calculated projection)

    2. Unnecessary idling

    3. Seatbelt usage

    4. Speeding offences (based on location)

    5. Driving behaviour (based on G-force measurement)

    6. Vehicle location

    7. Driving times

And with all categories of information, we provide reports tailored to the specific client – in keeping with your wishes and in the format of your choosing. After all, effective fleet management begins with proper insight!

You already have a fantastic fleet of vehicles. But are you making the most of it? With Moove's intelligent solutions, you can rest assured that you are. We help clients like yourself significantly reduce their expenditures for fuel, maintenance and damage repair. Moove is a global leader when it comes to the optimisation of vehicle fleets. We develop innovative solutions in the areas of:

Connected Maintenance

Connected Insurance

Connected Fleet Safety

Connected Track and Tax

Connected Fuel

Connected Sharing

Connected Reporting