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Moove Keyfob Box

Zero Adoption Effort

No installation, no damage, no key programming, no access to the vehicle CAN bus. Installation is effortless and non-invasive. You just need Bluetooth to be enabled.

User Friendly

Mobile App

MooveSharing is available on App Store and Play Store. Your drivers can simply download the app and start using right away.

MooveSharing App
Connected Maintenance
Auto Maintenance, Tax Reporting, Trip Overview

Moove Cloud Ecosystem (MCE)

MooveSharing is integrated within MCE which hosts multiple connected products & services. For instance, you can additionally opt for Connected Maintenance product which integrates and automates the service and maintenance of your vehicles. MCE also generates reports for tax purposes.

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Security & Privacy - GDPR Compliant

Theft Protection, Encryption & GDPR-Compliance.

While we work industry-leading partners, our own engineers come from a security background, which is evident in our product: on-the-fly immobilizer & data encryption. Each of our key boxes is secured with its own cryptographic key. Good news for you:
MooveSharing is GDPR-compliant.


Use Cases

Corporate Car Sharing

You can plug in MooveSharing for your existing corporate fleet to enable sharing among your employees anytime.

Automated Rental

Rentals were never so easy. MooveSharing easily integrates with your existing rental platform without affecting your own tech infrastructure.

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing

Are you a P2P car sharing company? Well, you have come to the right place! Plug in MooveSharing key boxes and let your users enjoy a seamless car sharing experience.

In-Car Delivery

You have a parcel to be delivered to you, but you can't collect it? Let the delivery driver unlock your car with your permission remotely, and deliver the parcel in your car then and there!

Friends & Family Sharing

We know it can be frustrating to look out for keys everytime when you want to share your car with your friends and family. You've come to the right place. Leave your key in our key box, and enjoy MooveSharing with your friends and family, together!

Developer APIs & SDK

Are you a company who want to leverage our platform for your custom use? Look no more - Introducing Moove Developer Platform. Explore our APIs and build your own solutions.

App Screenshots

Add Ons


To protect you from theft, Moove provides you an additional service (which needs to be installed unlike the key box) that immobilizes your vehicle on-the-fly if accessed by unauthorized person.

Live Fuel & Mileage Data

Partnered with world's leading telematics organization, Geotab, we get you live fuel and mileage data. This comes handy espcially in cases of P2P car sharing solutions.


Do yo want to get your own whitelabelled MooveSharing product? We've got that covered too. Get your own brand's app and website for car sharing.

Connected Services

Explore our suite of products and services to get more efficient with yout fleet management - Vehicle Maintenance, Tax Reporting, Trip Management and many more! Simply subscribe to these products and services, and voila!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does keyless locking and unlocking via MooveSharing App works?

MooveSharing combines both digital and classic locking technology. The key for the vehicle is safely stored in the MooveSharing Key Box in the vehicle. All vehicle users who have received an access authorization through the MooveSharing portal can see the vehicle in the app. The user selects the vehicle and sends a digital command for operating the key to the box via an encrypted Bluetooth connection. If the vehicle is locked, it will be unlocked. If it is unlocked, it will be locked.

How is the MooveShare installed in the vehicle?

Installation is really easy and non-invasive: Place the MooveSharing Box in a convenient location in the vehicle – in the boot or on the center console. The box can be placed vertically or horizontally, just as you like. Installation is not required. In the MooveSharing Portal, you register the vehicle, the user and possibly the period of use– from your workplace or from a mobile device. And the user is ready to unlock the vehicle via the MooveSharing app. That's all. No installation, no damage, no key programming, no access to the vehicle CAN bus.

Can I re-use the box for different vehicles?

Yes. The MooveSharing Box can also be used in a different vehicle as long as the central locking is operated with the same key type.

How does your key box charge?

The MooveSharing Box works for up to 30 days until it has to be recharged. It has an indicator to show you early on when the battery runs low. But there are two options for charging the battery of the key box:

  • using a 12 V socket, during the journey

  • using a 5 V connection (Micro USB)
  • Do you provide services like tax reporting and vehicle maintenance, along with car sharing solution?

    Yes, we do. MooveSharing comes as a part of the entire Moove Cloud Ecosystem (MCE). MCE hosts other connected services like vehicle maintenance, tax reporting, trip management, etc. Learn More

    I have an existing car sharing solution, is it possible to integrate your product and service into mine?

    Absolutely! You can head to our Developers platform, and explore our APIs.