More and more fleetmanagers are dealing with electric vehicles in their fleet. But when are
you going to switch to electric vehicles, and what’s the best way to use them? Fleet Support and
Moove Connected Mobility provide simple, straightforward answers. With four smart steps you
can make the switch. The key is a combination of data, advice, implementation and monitoring.


Are electric vehicles appropriate for your fleet and drivers? We’ll analyse the situation on your behalf! Using telematics, we will obtain insight into not only the daily routes and the number of kilometres driven by your current fleet, but the drivers’ behaviour behind the wheel as well. We collect that data and translate it into information you can use. After analysing the data, we provide you with custom made recommendations. This, in turn, enables you to take decisions based on facts.
And of course, you’ll feel confident in doing so! We’ll take care of installing the hardware and provide a dashboard to display all data. The result? You gain around-the-clock insight into your fleet.

Advice based on the data collected Mobility Policy

We’ll work with you to develop a sustainable mobility policy, one with an eye for future developments. Electric vehicles have a role in that policy as well. We will tailor the policy to fit your company’s objectives. You tell us what to prioritise, whether that’s sustainability, cost management or being an attractive employer.

Charging strategy
A solid charging strategy is a vital part of using electric vehicles. Will you opt for a smart charging station or a rapid-charging facility, and do you want employees to have charging stations at their homes? There are so many options to choose from. We understand this better than anyone and can offer advice on the best solution for your specific situation and organisation.

Choosing vehicles
Which cars within your current fleet can be replaced by electric vehicles? We can tell you this based on the trip data collected. What’s more, we can help you explore which cars fit within the range and meet your specific requirements in terms of payload capacity, load volume and Total Cost of Ownership.


We won’t just design a policy, we’ll also help you to execute it. That naturally includes explaining the process to employees and the works council.

Your charging infrastructure
The ethical aspects of charging will be addressed as well. In fact, we’ll set out a ‘charging code of conduct’ together. This will enable you to ensure optimal deployment of your electric vehicles, each and every day.

Monitoring the day-to-day use

Lastly, we’ll ensure it’s possible to effectively monitor day-to-day practice. We do so with relevant data, which we collect using telematics. And we do this for both electric and fossil-fuel-powered vehicles – which is unique!
· Current battery-charge status (in %)
· Charging location
· Action radius of the vehicle
· Vehicle mode: on, off or charging
· Energy consumption (in kWh)
· Engine diagnostics and determining needed maintenance
· Current mileage of the vehicle (in km)
We combine this data with information on driving behaviour, outdoor temperature and recommended routes. This yields greater efficiency and effectiveness for your fleet – and reduces energy consumption by 25% as well. You will, of course, also have access to our online Cloud Ecosystem. This will provide you with direct, around-the-clock insight into day-to-day operations. You will have all the tools you need to steer towards safe, efficient vehicle use.


Call Han and continue the journey to go green. Experiencing yourself is the most convincing!

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Han Arts

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