Who We Are

Moove Connected Mobility is an expert in the field of automotive telematics. In cooperation with our partner Geotab, we connect vehicles with the internet and unlock a broad spectrum of relevant data. This data is the result of engine management (on-board diagnostics) and is gathered by additional devices and sensors (the Internet of Things).

We then provide you with insight into this information via custom interfaces and dashboards.

Thanks to innovative models, analyses and benchmark testing, you gain specific advice on how to optimise your operations. And Moove takes an active role in implementation and obtaining results as well – whether your goal is increased security, more efficient maintenance or reduced environmental impact.

Moove empowers lease companies, insurers and other fleet managers to adjust their operations based on data, allowing them to achieve concrete results.

Moove Connected Mobility is part of the AutoBinck Group


Founded more than 100 years ago, AutoBinck is currently one of the main contenders in the European mobility market. AutoBinck currently operates in 8 European countries. With approximately 50 company subsidiaries, divided over 4 main divisions, AutoBinck ranks among the twenty largest mobility groups in Europe.

50 subsidiary companies
Within the four divisions of AutoBinck Group there’s an amount of 50 operating subsidiaries.

2,700 employees worldwide
In total there are 2,700 people active in all the companies of AutoBinck Group.

1 billion euros annual turnover
The total annual turnover of all the member companies of AutoBinck Group amounts to more than 1 billion euro.

800 million assets
The total value of the assets of AutoBinck Group is over 800 million euro.

28% solvency
AutoBinck Group is a financially sound company with a solvency of over 28%.

Active in 8 countries
The subsidiaries of AutoBinck Group are active in eight countries in Europe.

Established in 1907
AutoBinck was founded in 1907 and thus has more than 110 years of automotive experience.

Our team

The Moove team has a long history in the automotive industry. As a result, we possess a wealth of experience with regard to managing large vehicle fleets.

The team behind Moove consists of three founding individuals: (left to right) Henk Kooijman, Himanshu Gautam and Han Arts.

Henk Kooijman – Managing Director

Henk is a builder with over 20 years’ experience at the intersection of marketing, sales and general management. With a sharp eye for both client and organisation, he has guided businesses in various sectors along the path to growth. His current challenge: to become a leading player in the Netherlands and across Europe in the area of automotive telematics and Connected Car services. Our Managing Director, Henk has been a part of the founding team behind Moove since September 2017.

M:  +31 (6) 11 30 68 56         E:   hkooijman@mooveconnected.com

Himanshu Gautam - Technical Director

Himanshu is a finisher and has a results-driven approach. He has over 10 years of experience in developing products for the financial and automotive industry with a focus on IT. Himanshu is an expert on data management and has a strong focus on problem-solving. He has previously developed telematics solutions (Connected Car) from scratch. Since September 2017, Himanshu has been Technical Director and is one of the founders of Moove. Already from 2016 on Himanshu has been developing automotive telematics within AutoBinck Group.

M:  +31 (6) 21 26 01 06         E:   hgautam@mooveconnected.com

Han Arts – Sales Director

Han is a passionate manager with 15 years’ experience in car leasing and mobility solutions. He has worked for multiple lease companies and held a range of leadership positions in the area of sales and business development. He first encountered telematics in 2016 and became fascinated by the limitless possibilities of Connected Cars and Big Data. When AutoBinck seized the initiative to found Moove Connected Mobility, he was eager to contribute to setting up the new company. As Sales Director, Han has been a part of the founding team since September 2017.

M:  +31 (6) 50 61 86 65         E:   harts@mooveconnected.com