Employee privacy first and foremost

Data privacy and IT security as a starting point

The added value of our telematics solutions can be quickly and easily explained. However, we also realise that an initial chat might not give you a direct overview of the impact on internal privacy and security processes. For this reason, we immediately point out that implementation in this area is an essential process which will involve different stakeholders. At the same time, we also emphasise how we can fully support you in this process with a privacy and security programme that fully reflects the characteristics of your organisation, so that you can immediate be confident about the feasibility of the project.

Checklist for an optimal adoption process

For a successful adoption process, we rely on a fixed system for informing and involving stakeholders.

      • Phase 1: Introduction of data program, providing data & security checklist and additional informational documents.

      • Phase 2: Determine decision committee with internal stakeholders and setting up internal working environment for all stakeholders.

      • Phase 3: Design solution workshop to determine which data will be processed and how.

      • Phase 4: Set up of all needed documents (DPA, DPIA, Security (TOMS), EUA, Contract and driver consent.

    The aim of the privacy and security programme is to give stakeholders peace of mind and the sense of being fully guided in the process. This also shows them that they’re dealing with a company able to carry out this process professionally and reliably. Time and again, this has proved to be a tried-and-trusted structure for creating buy-in within an organisation and reducing the duration of the implementation process. 

    ‘Our privacy and security solutions perfectly match the security requirements of global companies’  – Sjoerd Jonkers, Strategic Account Director at Moove-

    Global privacy and security solutions

    We’ve integrated our privacy and security solutions into the systems of international companies such as Selecta and PMI International. To continue meeting our clients’ often complex security needs, we fully comply with the highest standards in data privacy and IT security, and the quality of our process is constantly assessed. Our ISO 27701 and ISO 27001 certifications demonstrate that our management systems process personal data properly, to optimally protect the privacy of employees worldwide.

    Would you like to know more about our fleet telematics solutions and how we can guide you in designing a reliable privacy and security solution? Plan a meeting with our expert!