Steering telematics
in to the future!

How connected data is essential to people, the environment, and economic growth

If you are responsible for managing a globally operating fleet, data is an essential tool to help you effectively and successfully connect your fleet performance to the most crucial topics for fleet management: environmental care, social well-being, and economic growth. In this e-book, we will delve further into the importance of telematics in accessing relevant data that will give you clear insights into your fleet’s performance. We will also provide concrete examples of the impact of data in practice.

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A must-read for every international fleet manager!

What do experts say?

It is our responsibility to invest in technology that has been proven to save lives.

Alexander Merkel
Area Fleet and Travel Manager LDS

By determining optimal charging times for
our vehicles using telematics, we can save
significantly on charging costs.

Arnold Massop
Senior Fleet & Facility Manager Benelux

I expect that public information will be used more and more frequently to connect data; weather and location data are becoming increasingly critical. The larger your fleet, the more value this combination generates for scheduling, parking, and much more.

Klaus Böckers
Vice President Nordics, Central & Eastern Europe at Geotab

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