Combining telematics and fleet management software for optimal results

Telematics solutions are increasingly finding their way to businesses that want insight into their international fleet’s performance. Such solutions are often the perfect addition to existing fleet management software. Since late 2021, Moove has been working with software developer XPOfleet, enabling clients to use all available data to modify their drivers’ behaviour on the road and optimise fleet performance. Read more about our successful partnership in this blog.

XPOfleet shares its experience and expertise

XPOfleet’s fleet management software supports fleet managers in making the right decisions. The software aims to consolidate data from many different sources into a single, smart solution. And, from there, carry out reporting at operational and strategic levels. In early 2023, 115,000 cars throughout Europe, primarily in the Benelux, were managed with this software. Randstad Belgium, the Adecco Group, Sony Europe, and BDO are well-known names that use XPOfleet’s software. Larger, international clients in their client portfolio are a perfect match for Moove’s telematics solutions.

Moove and XPOfleet add value to each other’s business

The importance of data in efficient fleet management has increased in recent years. Telematics plays a vital role in providing this data. As soon as a telematics solution is implemented, fleet managers can see that data sets provide much more than basic information about when and how many miles a car is driven and by whom. They also realise that this data can be used to save on costs and make their fleet more sustainable in the long term.  

With the acquisition of Fleet Support, XPOfleet had the opportunity to work with Moove under the umbrella of the AutoBinck Group to service customers who required telematics solutions in addition to their fleet management software. The starting point for Moove and XPOfleet’s partnership was a tender floated by Selecta to manage their European vehicle fleet in 15 countries. Selecta was explicitly looking for a combined solution involving fleet management software and telematics solutions with the goal of using data to help gain insight into their drivers’ behaviour on the road in order to achieve targeted cost savings.   

Direct cost savings through combined software

Moove and XPOfleet’s combined strength lies in bringing together data from two different systems. By combining datasets, things like the relationship between fuel consumption and the driver’s driving behaviour can be found. This solution is an ideal basis for comparing data and making informed decisions that lead to an immediate cost reductions. If this data isn’t available, you only have data indicating indirect cost savings, which are hard to express in terms of money.

“Using raw data, we create valuable, innovative insights that allow our clients to implement actions that reduce costs and CO2 emissions as well as increase safety.”

Eric van Bael – CEO XPOfleet

In practice, investing in a combination of fleet management software and telematics usually pays for itself in the first year. Another advantage of combining data is seeing results at different levels. For instance, the data can also show how making your fleet fully electric may be more economical. Moreover, through telematics solutions, you can improve driver safety among your employees, and as a result promote your image by minimising your company’s involvement in serious road accidents. Such solutions provide a quick return on investment in many different ways!

Would you like to learn more about Moove’s partnership with XPOfleet? Schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll be happy to tell you more about it!