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Moving in the right direction

Build a sustainable fleet by harnessing the power 
of connectivity, data, and behaviour. 

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Moving in the right direction

Build a sustainable fleet by harnessing the power of connectivity, data, and behaviour.

people. fleet. impact.

We optimize your fleet by doing more than just applying great technology. We optimize your fleet by helping your people apply great technology.

When behavior and solution are perfectly combined, efficiency, safety and sustainability will follow. 

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Data made human

We always want to know what moves you and your people. Our strength lies in connecting user data with impactful solutions to achieve set goals. We give valuable data a human face to support your organization in developing desirable behavioral change.

Global deployment

The world is our domain. We are active in over 85 countries through our partner network. That means we can implement our technology for your business worldwide with just one point of contact. Efficiency, centralized data, and global customer support always come first.

Highest standards in data privacy and security

We truly understand that working with telematics is a privacy-sensitive issue. That is why we place great value on complying with the highest data privacy and IT security standards. So we can protect the privacy of every employee as effectively as possible. Our ISO 27701 certification proves that our management systems deal with personal data processing in the best way.

Benefits of telematics

Are you responsible for managing an international fleet, and would you like a firmer grasp of fleet performance? Telematics is the perfect solution for efficient and optimized fleet management. It provides a real-time, clear overview of all your user data, integrated with existing systems and applications within your organization. Our technology supports you in achieving multiple operational goals:

By using Moove connected telematics, our driver safety improved, we saved on our fuel costs and dramatically reduced our emission levels.

Eddy Scheerlink

Group Fleet Leader Selecta
Connected Fleets Manager of the year 2022

Unique human-centric approach

Collecting data on your fleet performance is not an objective in itself. Still, it is an integral part of our partnership with our customers. It forms the basis for creating the desired change in behavior that will increase the returns on your fleet and make an impact within your organization. Your fleet’s scope requires a structured, planned approach with a clear focus on data privacy, developing data insights, and working toward promoting desired behaviors.

Technology that moves people

Professional technology is essential when you want to collect as much data as possible on your fleet. By linking your vehicles to Geotab’s advanced tracking technology, we can read every important KPI from the system; data you need to make the right operational decisions and set a course for behavioral change that optimizes your fleet’s efficiency.